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Harvesting grapes at Cedar Creek.

Cedar Creek is owned and operated by vintner Jeff Wiles, a life-long resident of Pulaski County, Kentucky. Estabilshed in 2002, Cedar Creek opened for business in 2007 with an initial offering of 4 labels. We currently have 3.5 acres of grape vines with a mixture of French hybrids and native grapes. Several varieties of wine are offered to suit the palate — dry/sweet, red/white.

The grapes grow in a loamy sandstone soil with limestone a few feet below the surface. We make wine in small lots and let the character of the grapes determine how the wine turns out.

We support the benefits that responsible enjoyment of wine can add to a healthy lifestyle.

Jeff testing wine at tanks.

Vintner Jeff Wiles in the Cedar Creek winery.

Sustainable practices of Cedar Creek Vineyards

The by-products from the wine making process are composted in the fall and will re-feed the grape vines in the spring. Food scraps from our meals are also added to make compost to be added to the garden to restore nutrients and grow our vegetables. Added manure from the horses creates a good compost mix that does not have to be purchased from the store.

Using catchment containers, rainwater is collected from the roofs and we use it to water the garden and horses as the dry months approach.

Hay is used as mulch for the garden. It is layered on heavily in early spring to smother weeds and provide nutrients to the soil. Because the soil is not tilled, beneficial organisms remain undisturbed, thus leaving nutrients in the soil while adding mulch from the decomposing weeds. By using heavy mulch, less time is spent weeding. We practice organic growing principles in the garden, as well as the bulk of the farm.

We are transitioning towards edible landscaping the use of food-producing plants as part of the landscape. Edible landscapes combine fruit and nut trees, berry bushes, vegetables, herbs, edible flowers and ornamental plants into aesthetically pleasing designs.

Native grasses have been reintroduced to the hillside to preserve and restore a landscape that was present before European settlers. Our native grass field contains Big Bluestem, Little Bluestem and Indian Grass. We practice controlled burning biannually in an attempt to mimic nature. Native grasses provide wildlife habitat and hold fragile soil with their deep roots preventing erosion.

Bees are our newest addition to the farm. Bees not only produce honey, but also aid in the pollination of plants. Although our bees do not appear to be aggressive, Bee aware—Bees live here!

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Tuesday - Saturday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Closed Sunday. Monday by appointment. 

Tours of the winery are available by appointment.

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